Thursday, July 10, 2014

Broad Street, Philadelphia

As many people know, the idea of 30 MILES OF CRAZY! are the characters and stories that you meet on the streets and main thoroughfares of the city where all the interesting (and most likely sticky) things lurk. So, Denver has it's Colfax Avenue, Boston has it's Massachusetts Ave (Mass Ave!), San Francisco hasMarket Street (oh yes, I do have some San Francisco stores for a later 'On The Road' series)...

... and Philadelphia has it's Broad Street

As in the past, I've done a background image for the upcoming 30 MILES - 'On The Road: Philadelphia' six part series (which starts tomorrow).... where funny enough, none of the stores take place on Broad Street (Part 4 is a block or so off Broad on Pine Street, but none actually on the street), so it's not an exact analogy, but hey... IT'S ART! 

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