Friday, April 25, 2014

30 MILES OF CRAZY! 45: Casa Bonita

It's Friday! Time for another 'tru-ish' tale about Colfax and the Mile High City. A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#45)! This week: Casa Bonita... or NO, SOUTH PARK DID NOT MAKE IT UP. IT ACTUALLY EXISTS!

A few thoughts on Casa Bonita.

- It actually exists, down in Lakewood CO, along West Colfax. 

- It is a Denver institution, where most of the population has been there at least once. 

- While there were once several Casa Bonita restaurants in different states, the one in Denver is the last one (opening in 1974.)

- I have been there and can say that I'm not a fan. One of the reasons being....

- It's kind of like a large Mexican Chuck E. Cheese on acid. Prepare your brain.
- While there are many attractions to the place and hidden nooks and corners to be found, as a restaurant you have to purchase a meal (they are a business after all.) Some people do enjoy the food there, while I always felt that the daily fare their makes Taco Bell look like haute cuisine. 

- Everyone that I know that adores Casa Bonita (getting that cultist wide eyed glaze in their eyes at the mere mention of the establishment) falls into two camps (or more than likely, a mixture of the two): happy rose colored memories of a place they have been going there since they were children or because of the massively high camp factor (which it has in spades.) 

- If I remember correct, it does serve booze. You will need it. Your brain will be overloaded, your liver will hate you, but you will survive. 

- I'll let the comic say the rest. This is all just scratching the surface of the Lynchian weirdness that permeates the walls of this place. Don't believe me? Here's a small video about Casa Bonita that I found. 

- ... and yes, my buddy does wear a fez. 

So... Musical Accompaniment! Ready! Set! Go!


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