Friday, March 7, 2014

30 MILES OF CRAZY! 38: The Furry Issue

What? It's Friday again? That means its time for a new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#38)! This week: The Furry Issue... or YES, FURRIES STILL CREEP ME RIGHT OUT!

So... I went looking around the series of tubes that we humans call 'The Internet' for some way to promote my kind of funny little comic. How can I get my illustrated missive into other people's virtual hands? Hey Eyeballs, look over here towards my corner of the internet and such! So, I went looking at webcomic hubs in an attempt to find some way to reach a broader audience (...cuz, that's where the money is and I'm a greedy little miser!) I was a little unnerved to find that the few sites I found were mostly dedicated to furry/manga comics... which I have little to do with.

"Excuse me... I do a webcomic about living, drinking, insanity, despair, stories, and about some of the interesting characters that you meet in the city. Would you be interested in... "

"Does it have weirdly drawn men and women depicted as cartoon cats and dogs getting in to sexual and/or space adventures?"

"Ummm.... no."

"Sorry, not interested."

Hence... my blatant pandering in this comic...

So... here we go! Queue this week's Musical Accompaniment! ... and a bonus one just for heretical laughs. 


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