Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Fyodor

Denver's Little Fyodor

From his website:

"Little Fyodor has been spreading his unique brand of avant-pop madness throughout the world musical underground for over twenty years, creating twisted, satirical songs which - beneath a crass and maniacal outer shell - express a deep empathy with those who most acutely experience the frustrations and alienation of modern life's "insect existence." Fyodor's songwriting, aesthetics and outlandish performances somehow manage to be simultaneously sad, angry and hilarious, and in doing so, appeal to the silent majority of disillusioned weirdos of the world, whom he adeptly addresses with a theatrical, daresay Vaudevillian flair, that is a brand all his own."

'Little Fyodor'
Ink/Digital Color, Jan '11

'Little Fyodor' Ink/Digital Color, Jan '11

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