Sunday, May 2, 2010

Angel Eyes


These new pieces will be exhibited at SLG's Boutiki Gallery (in San Jose, CA) as part of the 'Weirdos, Porn Stars, and Other Eccentrics: The Artwork of Karl Christian Krumpholz' show all through May. I'll be attending the opening on May 7th and crawling through to see what San Jose has to offer (hopefully the Winchester Mystery House.)

I will also be taking part as the 'artist in residence' at SLG's Creator's Studio Class and Seminar on the afternoon of May 8th. As well as panels on the writer/artist collaborations, I will be doing a live drawing event that afternoon, demonstrating storytelling techniques as well as technical and creative approaches to drawing comics, taking questions, and hopefully pelted with snacks from an appreciative audience.

So, here's some new artwork!!

Prints are available!! I'm also available for commissions!!! Email for details.

"Oh, I almost forgot, he paid me a thousand. I think his idea was that I kill you. But you know, the pity is when I'm paid, I always follow my job through. You know that."
-Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef), The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

(click on image for a larger view)

'Angel Eyes', Ink/Digital Color, April '10

'Angel Eyes' Ink/Digital Color, April '10

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