Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Peepshow' - Exit Interview

'Tooey's Poster' Ink/Digital Color, Feb '10

The final weekend and last chance to check out the 'Peepshow' exhibit at Tooeys. A lot of people had asked for pieces, so this is your final chance!

Come down, Get Drunk, See Art!

A gallery of almost two dozen pieces by Karl Christian Krumpholz (Modern Drunkard Magazine, SLG Publishing's 'Byron') from his some of his recent illustrated series including:

- Barflies, Boozers, Bastards
- Horror Icons
- Jazz and Cabaret Stars
- Zombies!
- as well from his comic series 'Byron: Die, Byron! Die!'

I will also be selling other pieces and prints not exhibited.

The closing is being held at:

Tooeys Off Colfax
1521 Marion Street
Denver, CO 80218

Specials include:

'Biscut Lunch' spinning 30s, 40s, and 50s Blues from 9pm-2am

$5 'Happy Meals' (can of 12oz beer and well shot)

Stop by. Get Drunk. See Art


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