Monday, March 2, 2009

March Art Opening, including San Jose, CA (so, I'm traveling)

Starting on First Friday (March 6th), I will have a piece in the comic art show down at The Fu Collective and Gallery, 810 W 8th Ave (a half a block east of Santa Fe.) This show is an exhibit of local Denver cartoonists and comic artists. Included with the exhibit are the comics that the pieces are included in. So, copies of the Byron GN will also be on sale. For the obsessive, I will be exhibiting the two page spread in Chapter 4. This show is running through March and April. There is a good chance that new pieces will be on display in March.

Unfortunately, I will not be attending the First Friday gallery opening since I will be in San Jose, CA for another gallery opening.

The Barflies, Boozers, Bastards show (first exhibited at the Modern Drunkard Convention last summer) is opening at SLG Publishing's Bou-Tiki Gallery (577 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA) on March 6th. From the San Jose First Friday website:

Barflies, Boozers and Bastards! a brand new show with a presentation of Karl Christian Krumpholz's Famous Drunkards portraits. A contributing editor to Modern Drunkard magazine, Krumpholz show presents close to 50 different looks to famous, and infamous, boozers ranging from The Chairman of the Board to Amy Winehouse.

Live music presented by Vinnie and the C-List will feature a specially themed set.

I believe we are exhibiting about 40-60 pieces, all of which are on sale. So, I will be in attendance at the Bou-Tiki Gallery opening. I think I'm pretty excited about this, but these things are hard to tell. You can get more details on the show from the SLG Publishing website HERE.

ALSO, since I will be in San Jose all weekend, I will be a part of SLG Publishing's Center of Comic Book Study for the day. SLG is hosting a day of panels, art, and hijinx. I will be speaking (along with Serena Valentino and Landry Walker) about comics, writing, methods, what we see in clouds, etc. I will also be doing a live drawing class for most of the day. Have no clue what I'm drawing as yet. Come and see. You can register and get more details on the show from the SLG Publishing website HERE.

So, it is going to be a busy weekend. I hope some one is going to buy me a drink.

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